23 July 2012

Fighting back against Anonymous, LulzSec and the global cyber insurgency

By Gery Menegaz for Between the Lines |

“If you do not talk to me I will crash your server!”
One of the system administrators had come to me to show me that there was someone in one of our new servers. We had just returned from the first Linux conference in North Carolina and had installed a new distribution of Linux on one of our systems.
It was the late ‘90s. Like many small firms of the day we were excited to try something new, but did not have a sandbox. I recall pulling the network cable and then going to work to ensure that none of the other systems had been compromised. We were lucky, they only had access to the one machine.
We did a reverse look up and found the domain from which the attacking IP had originated, and crossed our fingers that they had not gone through an anonymizer. Again we got lucky and were able to track the IP address to an ISP in Croatia.

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