07 February 2013

US Department of Energy hacked, employees' personal information stolen

by Graham Cluley on February 4, 2013

According to media reports, the US Department of Energy has been hit by a "sophisticated cyber attack" in the last few weeks, which resulted in the personal information of several hundred employees being compromised.
The FBI is said to be investigating the hack, which occurred two weeks ago at the Department of Energy's Washington-based HQ, and affected 14 servers and 20 desktop workstations.
A Fox News headline on the incident attempts to link the attack to Chinese hackers, but the original Free Beacon report admits that both the source and identity of the hackers is unknown.
But, once again, it's important to remember that it's very hard to prove who is behind an internet attack - especially as hackers can easily bounce their attacks between multiple compromised computers spread around the globe.
And there is a chance that China could become an all-too-convenient bogeyman, that can easily be blamed for any embarrassing security breach.

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