21 March 2012

Hacker, suspected of 6 million user info leak, detained

The man suspected of hacking into China's largest website for programmers and leaking personal information of over 6 million users last December has been detained on charges of illegal acquisition of computer data.........

The leak, considered the biggest in China's Internet history, occurred on December 21 when the personal information of more than 6 million users of the China Software Developer Network (CSDN) was exposed on the Internet for free downloading...............

The leaked information contained user IDs, passwords and e-mail addresses in clear text. The leak had rippling effects on other websites, including online shopping, gaming, social networking and even financial service websites.

The suspect surnamed Zeng admitted to hacking into the CSDN server in April 2010 through a system loophole and sneaking into an online recharge platform and a stock brokerage system.
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