02 March 2012

Terrorist hackers waiting in the wings

Concern about cyberterrorism was evident this week among security experts at the RSA security conference, who find that some people with extremist views have the technical knowledge that could be used to hack into systems.
Cyberterrorism does not exist currently in a serious form, but some individuals with extremist views have displayed a significant level of knowledge of hacking, so the threat shouldn't be underestimated.
Extremists commonly use the Internet to communicate, spread their message, recruit new members and even launder money in some cases. They've even built their own file and email encryption tools to serve this goal and they use strong algorithms that cannot be cracked. 
The researcher has seen members of extremist forums publish guides on how to use penetration testing and computer forensics tools like Metasploit, BackTrack Linux or Maltego, vulnerability scanning, SQL injection techniques, and on using Google search hacks to find leaked data and more.
SCADA systems used in industrial facilities could represent a target for cyberterrorist attacks..... 
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