03 August 2012

Hackers can cripple India’s power grids

No Proactive Step By Govt To Curtail This Threat

Josy Joseph TNN 

New Delhi: It is possible for an adversary or a group of hackers to cripple India’s power grids through a cyberattack; although this is an unlikely reason for the recent power outages that crippled much of north, east and northeastern India. 
 “Given the fact that our grids are vulnerable to a cyberattack, those responsible for managing grids should have a proactive policy to rule out cyberattack as part of their crisis management procedures,” a senior official said. “But none of it was visible,” he added. 
    Sources aware of contacts among power ministry, Power Grid authorities and those in both CERT-IN (Computer Emergency Response Team-India) and NTRO (National Technical Research Organisation) say there was no proactive effort by those responsible for power grids. 

Blackout cited in US cyber law debate he US needs to learn lessons from the massive blackouts in India, top US lawmakers have said, making a case for thepassage of a law on cyber security. “All one needs to do is look at what is going on in India today. There are no cyber problems there that I am aware of, but one-half of the country of India is without electricity today,” Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, said. “Transportation has been shut down, financial networks in India, which are significant, are down, and it is a chaotic place. There are 600 million people in India who are without electricity,” Reid said. 

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