04 January 2013

Cyber Attack On PNC’s Online Banking Slows Customer Access

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Bob Williams of Edgewood is one of thousands of PNC customers who enjoy the bank’s online banking system — until recently.
“What just happened?” KDKA money editor Jon Delano asked Williams as he tried to log on to the PNC online banking website.
“I got a pop-up saying Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage,” said Williams


PNC says nothing is wrong with its Internet or cyber security systems, telling KDKA-TV, “There are no internal issues with PNC’s systems. A number of large American banks, including PNC, have experienced high volume of traffic at Internet connections, crowding out legitimate customers.”

“We had 38-straight hours of attacks on our systems, and we had the longest attack of all the banks,” said Rohr. “And they just pummeled us, and now they’re talking about — they’ve sourced it from Iran — but you know what it did in our case, it dramatically slowed our processes.”

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