04 January 2013

UK to launch public cyber security awareness campaign

The Cabinet Office is to launch a public cyber security awareness programme early this year aimed at improving the online security of consumers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The initiative is part of the government’s cyber security strategy, aimed at ensuring the UK can manage the risks and harness the benefits of cyberspace.

The programme will specifically target school children, as well as adults who take a reckless attitude to posting personal details online, according to The Guardian.
"The big goal for the next 12 months is to get somewhere transformative in terms of business and public understanding of this issue," the paper quotes a senior official as saying.

The government has rated cyber attacks as a Tier 1 threat and has committed £650m to the transformative National Cyber Security Programme to bolster the UK’s cyber defences.
In his one-year review of the cyber security strategy, Maude said a recent survey found that 93% of large corporations and 76% of small businesses had experienced a cyber security breach in the past year.


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