10 April 2012

Anonymous hacks into tech and telecom sites

Anonymous is certainly making the rounds this week. First China, now the telecom and tech industry.
The hacker group has claimed responsibility for leading denial-of-service attacks on two technology trade association Web sites,USTelecom and TechAmerica, according toBloomberg. Anonymous is reportedly lashing out because these organizations support a cybersecurity bill that some members of congress are working to pass.
The attacks began yesterday when users were unable to log onto the sites........
USTelecom represents telecom companies, including AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink; and TechAmerica's members include tech companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Apple.
Both sites say that technicians are working to restore service for their users. Despite the high-profile companies that the sites represent, both organizations told Bloomberg they don't host any sensitive information.............

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