13 April 2012

Email snooping IT admins like 'Dracula in charge of the blood bank'

About 40 per cent of IT administrators go snooping through emails of employees, particularly those of high-level executives, claims the chief executive of a firm that manages the IT security of various Australian companies and government agencies.

A company's IT admins have access to virtually every document company-wide - including executive files, payroll information and medical data - and many "can't help themselves" in gaining access to emails..................

Mr Carlo Minassian, founder and CEO of Earthwave, the North Sydney-based firm that is hired by organisations looking to outsource their IT security., who also often hunts down people who are breaching IT policy within an organisation, says leaving IT admins unsupervised is like putting "Dracula in charge of the blood bank".

IT administrators snooping on email happened "regularly", went "unnoticed" in most instances, and added that it would continue to go unnoticed unless an IT admin had something to prove. Only when they get caught do police get involved....

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