13 June 2012

Cyber criminals target travelers

A recent warning from the FBI about hackers targeting guests' data when they log into hotel Wi-Fi overseas was a salient reminder to travelers of the risks to data security on the road.

The alert, from the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, was addressed to U.S. executives, government workers and academics but did not specify a particular country of threat. It warned of a spate of incidents of travelers encountering bogus software update pop-ups when they used hotel internet connections overseas.

When they clicked on the "update," malicious software was installed on their computer. Hotel Wi-Fi connections are particularly risky because they are often set up without proper security settings. But they are merely one data-security threat among many facing business travelers..........

From a data-security standpoint, travel is inherently risky, and the likelihood of private personal or corporate data being compromised is greatly increased the moment you hit the road............

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