05 June 2012

Smuggler arrested for helping N. Korea launch cyber attack

Police have arrested a smuggler for allegedly helping North Korean intelligence attempt cyber terrorism on government computer networks through online game software. The 39-year-old man, surnamed Cho, is under investigation for purchasing 10 versions of gambling software with malicious code from North Korean agents in China and distributing them...........

Police said that Cho was aware of the fact that the software had malicious code programmed for cyber attacks on government websites, but went ahead and brought them into the country.

The malicious code in the software could be used for distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. A possible attack can be set up when users of computers or Internet servers download a program with such malware.

The code spreads when the infected systems are connected to the Internet. Hackers then can strike at targeted cyber networks through a flood of traffic that overwhelms the bandwidth or resources a network can manage..................

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