19 June 2012

Government ‘Wasting Cybercrime Funding In Wrong Places’

The government should spend money on busting cybercrime perpetrators, instead of on security products, say Cambridge University researchers.............
The UK government has been urged to spend more of its cybercrime budget on law enforcement instead of wasting millions on protections like antivirus software.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge found that real cybercrime, which depends entirely on Internet-based activity, was only costing people “a few tens of pence per year directly”. Yet the indirect costs, which includes funds spent on anti-virus software, can be “a hundred times that”.
The UK spends $1 billion ($639 million) a year on either protecting itself or cleaning up after a breach, the study found. That includes $170 million on antivirus, yet only $15 million is spent on law enforcement....................

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