06 June 2012

Who Can You Trust in the Age of Flame, Duqu, and Stuxnet?

How Stuxnet and Flame Are Changing the Security Game

Much has been written recently about Flame, the latest sophisticated cyber attack /malware discovered by security researchers. Flame follows Duqu, and Stuxnet before that, as a very sophisticated cyber attack vehicle that seems to be a state-sponsored cyber weapon.....

Stuxnet, according to the NY Times report, was part of a clandestine program called Olympic Games that was started under the Bush administration but expanded under the Obama team. While primarily aimed at Iran, other cyber attack weapons may have been developed with different countries (say North Korea for example) as their intended targets.

Before you blame the U.S. for starting this new era of cyber warfare though, let's be clear. Cyber attacks and cyber war did not start with Stuxnet. This sort of thing has been going on for some time. Nor are these weapons limited to nation-to-nation types of attacks either. 

Russia, European nations and even terrorist cells have all tried to use cyber attacks to further their own interests. But that should not surprise anyone really. What new technology hasn't been used to further any group's agendas and goals? Cyber attacks are just the latest super weapons because of the characteristics that make them perfect for that purpose: Nice and neat, no blood on the hands, no radiation . White collar warfare.Make no doubt about it, the game has changed. Cyber attacks, cyber warfare and cyber weapons are here to stay. They may even become a bigger driver for better security than financially motivated cyber criminals have been.
But what will this mean for the security industry? How does it respond to this new class of threat? ....................

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