19 January 2012

Cyber-bullying warning after Australia named world's worst

Kiwi parents should be worried by a study naming Australia as the world's worst place for cyber-bullying on social networking sites, say experts.
A survey of 24 countries by Ipsos Social Research Institute found almost 9 in 10 Australian parents said their child or another they knew in their community had experienced harassment on sites like Facebook.
The figure was much higher than the global average of six in 10.
The rise in cyber-bullying was particularly prevalent on popular sites such as Facebook, which bullies used for intimidation, and harassment. There has also been an increase in the number of fake profiles designed to damage a person's reputation.

The Ipsos study involved 18,000 students from countries including the USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Australia, China, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia......

Parents should monitor their children's internet use, get involved in their online lives and speak to them about appropriate behaviour on the internet....

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