04 January 2012

Schools say Get off FB

With Board exams a month away, are you worried that your child spends too much time online surfing social networking sites? You are not alone. Many schools are sending out advisories to parents asking them to wean their children away from these sites, especially Facebook, during this exam season.

The Class X and Class XII exams of CBSE, ICSE and state boards are scheduled from February to April and since December, de-activating students’ FB accounts has been widely discussed in parents’ meetings and open houses conducted by schools.

While principals and teachers are urging parents to ask their wards to de-activate their FB accounts immediately, some schools have even engaged technical experts for the purpose. While most parents agree wholeheartedly that this could show positive results as far as their wards’ results are concerned, surprisingly the students too are agreeing to comply, albeit after some initial resistance.

* Children below 16 should be discouraged from social networking
* Ensure that the computer is installed in a common area and not in the bedrooms
* Keep a tab on the content of their children’s networking accounts till the age of 18
* Make sure that a child doesn’t misuse the Internet under the guise of school projects
* Keep a tab on websites being visited and install a firewall to bar social networking sites
* Avoid buying mobiles for a student below Class XII
* Children should not be allowed to carry cellphones to school under no circumstance

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