23 January 2012

Don't be a victim of cyber crime

Searching online for a good bargain to snatch an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S2? A good number of Internet users regularly visit online retailers to find out prices, features and discounts. Surveys have shown that e-commerce in India has picked up even in rural areas. Convenience, ease and great deals on offer have resulted in a spurt in online shopping. This is good news for retailers.
Unfortunately, it's good news for hackers too. As online shopping becomes the most preferred method for purchasing items, online shoppers will also become the most preferred cybercriminal targets. Hackers have already devised many tricks to lure online shoppers into the game.
It all starts the moment you enter key search phrases like “cheap deals for smartphones” or “best mobile phone deals”. The same goes for cheap holiday packages. Online security solutions firms say that if you have clicked on certain links and answered a few queries online, you probably might have given out details of your credit card or online banking PINs.

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