03 January 2012

Saudi hackers claim to post personal information of 400 thousand Israelis

Credit card companies say list is repetitive and contains details of hundreds, not thousands of Israelis, Army Radio reports.

A hacker claiming to be a member of the Saudi hacking group, Group-XP, claimed Monday that he penetrated one of Israel's leading sports websites and released the personal information of hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

The information he claimed to reveal included credit card details, personal addresses, names, phone numbers and ID numbers of individuals listed on the website, One.

Saudi hacker - 03012012

Screen grab of Saudi hackers message.

Screen grab of Saudi hackers message.
People who visited One’s website on Monday were redirected to a page on pastebay.com, where a message by a hacker who identified himself as xOmar 0 suggested visitors download a linked file containing a database of Israelis and their personal information.

The file included a number of lists with the details of tens of thousands of people. One of the lists included what the hackers termed 65 Zionists, who purchased products from a website called Judaism. Another list included the details of 500 people who donated to rabbis.

According to the message posted by the Saudi hacker, the Wahhabi hacker group of which is a member, hacked into multiple Israeli websites from which Israelis frequently purchase products with credit cards. He said the group’s goal was to reach the credit card numbers of one million Israelis.

“We decided to give the world a gift for New Years – the personal information of 400 thousand Israelis,” he wrote.

He wrote that they found the idea of “400 thousand people crowding Israeli credit card companies and banks and complaining their credit card details were stolen, watching as Israeli banks shredding 400 thousand credit cards and issuing new ones,” was appealing.

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