07 September 2011

19 Million victims of cybercrime a minute in the UK

Over 19 million people are falling victim to cybercrime per minute reveals the Norton Cybercrime report released today (7 September 2011).
The report claims that 51% of people in the UK have experienced some form of cybercrime during their lifetime. In addition, three times as many people have experienced crime online in the past year than have experienced offline crime.
'It's important for people to think about how they are protected online, otherwise they risk losing their hard-earned cash,' said Adam Palmer, lead security advisor at Norton.
The report claims that on average £474 million a year is lost to cybercrime in the UK with an additional £619 million lost in terms of the value victims place on their lost time. Globally, Norton estimates cybercrime costs around £71 billion last year.

Cybercrime can be prevented

Computer viruses and other malware are the most common form of preventable cybercrime, according to the Norton Cybercrime report, with 38% saying they'd encountered a virus.
Of those who have suffered viruses, 10% with then hit with by credit card fraud, while 6% had their social network hacked.
Sarah Kidner, editor of Which? Computing said: 'The figures in Norton's report are alarming. However, we wouldn't want them to stop people enjoying a rich online experience. Security software, notably our Best Buys, provide an excellent defence.
'However, it is essential that people keep their software up-to-date and ensure that they download updates for their operating system,' Kidner continued.

Source: http://www.which.co.uk/news/2011/09/19-million-victims-of-cybercrime-a-minute-in-the-uk-264954/

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