22 September 2011

Singapore to set up National Cyber Security Centre

By Xinghui Guo | 22 September 2011

Singapore is setting up a National Cyber Security Centre to protect its cyberspace presence and critical info communication systems, announced Teo Chee Hean, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, on 21 September 2011.

The new centre, to be headed by the Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority (SITSA)—an authority responsible for operational IT security development and implementation on a national level—is expected to enhance Singapore’s capabilities in early detection and prevention of cyber attacks.

Teo said a central dilemma of cyber security is to balance the internet’s benefits with the risk of abuse, exploitation and criminality.

A safe and functioning cyberspace is critical to our society, economy and national security. The frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks will continue to grow, and so must our capabilities and response plan,” stated Teo.

The centre will be completed in phases within two to three years. The first phase, focused on cyber monitoring of critical information infrastructure in security and emergency services, has already been completed.

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