12 September 2011

DHS National Cyber Security Division “Moving Toward Cyber Resilience” Presentation

Cyber Security Advisor – Mission Objectives - 1

  • Lead and support cyber risk analyses of regional and local CI/KR.
  • Assist in the review and analysis of cyber security of regional and local CI/KR.
  • Provide guidance on evaluating established cyber security practices and capabilities.
  • Provide regional and local stakeholders (in Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource sectors as well as state and local government) with access to updated Department of Homeland Security capabilities, including:
    • New tools, technologies, and methods.
    • Recommended practices for protection and mitigation strategies.

Cyber Security Advisor – Mission Objectives - 2

  • Keep communities informed of national cyber security policy context and initiatives.
  • Convey local concerns and sensitivities to the National Cyber Security Division.
  • Relay disconnects between local, regional, and national protection activities.
  • Communicate requests for Federal training and exercises.
  • Provide support to officials responsible for (national special) security events planning.

Primary Source : http://info.publicintelligence.net/DHS-CyberResilience.pdf

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