01 October 2011

4th China-UK Internet Roundtable Held in Beijing

The 4th China-UK Internet Roundtable was held in Beijing Thursday.
More than 100 representatives from Chinese and British government departments, renowned Internet enterprises and research institutions exchanged views on Internet security, mobile networks, digital media innovations and digital intellectual property protection at the meeting in Beijing.
The Chinese Government regards the Internet as a key part of the country's infrastructure, in both economic and social terms, and also sees it as a driving force of social and economic development.
The Chinese Government has always regarded the protection of Internet intellectual properties as an important aspect of healthy Internet development, and has made tangible progress in this respect, which has been widely recognized by the international community. Wang commented that the Chinese Government regards the protection of digital intellectual properties as a long-term task and that it will actively work to create favorable social and market environments for the protection of digital intellectual properties.
Due to the vulnerability of China's Internet, network hacking from abroad has become an increasingly serious issue and has resulted in huge losses, according to Wang. "China has become one of the world's main victims of network hacking," he commented.

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