03 October 2011

Waging Cyber War on Bureacracy

By Tai AdelajaRussia Profile10/03/2011

Russia’s long-awaited electronic government kicked off on Saturday, amid muted concerns that a weekday deployment could expose the networked system to floods of requests or trigger a database shutdown. Billed as a new anti-corruption frontline against Russia's unwieldy bureaucracy, the new system will also help Russia’s 65 million Internet users to enjoy basic public services without so much as leaving their comfort zones.
"Starting October 1, all federal government agencies will adopt a new work procedure: an electronic inter-agency cooperation in the provision of public services,” said Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Volodin, who declared the system open for use on Friday. The electronic government portals will henceforth provide a single, convenient place to take care of all the steps of a complex administrative process involving multiple government offices, and will spare Russians the humiliating experience of running from office to office, Volodin said. A new law, also effective October 1, will prohibit federal officials from asking citizens to provide any kind of information that is already in the databases of other federal agencies, he said. “The introduction of the system will deal a severe blow to corruption and bureaucracy,” Volodin, who oversees the project, said. 

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