27 October 2011

Operation DarkNet: A Good Start, But There is More to Do

I saw in the news that Anonymous (factions thereof) have decided to go after the pxxdophiles using the hidden wiki and the “DarkNet” for their purulent files. The hack on the Lxlita City site was a success in that they got hold of user names and passwords.
Due to the nature of the site and its being in the hidden wiki (DarkNet) it is tough to know exactly where the systems sit that house/host the content, but, it seems that through certain techniques using TTL, they pretty much have a good idea of where the server may sit in the continental US

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Commander Mukesh Saini (Retd) said...

It appears from the net chatter that most likely the owner of some of the pedophile sites is an Indian.He at least conceded that his tech team is located in India!!!!!

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