12 October 2011

German Hackers: Gov't Trojan Capable of Planting Evidence, Cybercrime

Government scheme uses trojan virus, routes data through rented U.S. servers

Germany has been one of the seemingly strictest nations when it comes to corporate invasion of digital privacy.  It's taken companies like Facebook, Google, Inc. (GOOG), and Apple, Inc. (AAPL) to task for tracking and other intrusive technologies.

Yet, one of the most respected hacker groups -- Germany's Chaos Computer Club (CCC) -- appears to have caught German officials red-handed in a scheme that gives German authorities the tools necessary to conduct intrusive surveillance of their citizens, all while obfuscating the government's involvement.
I. German Government Caught Spreading Multifunctional Trojan
II. Trojan Could be Abused to Plant Evidence, Engage in Cybercrime

The CCC also points out that the trojan could be abused by the government -- or, thanks to the poor security, by malicious third parties -- to plant incriminating evidence on citizens computers.  Writes the CCC, "It could even be used to upload falsified "evidence" against the PC's owner, or to delete files, which puts the whole rationale for this method of investigation into question."


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