03 October 2011

Cyber crime unit saves UK economy £140m in six months


Deputy Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams said: "In the initial six-month period the unit, together with its partners in industry and international law enforcement, has excelled in its efforts to meet this substantial commitment and has delivered in excess of £140m of financial harm reduction to the UK economy. We hope to be able to better this result in the future as we expand our national capability."
Cases include Operation Pagode, which resulted in £84m worth of harm saved. Five defendants were jailed for a total of nearly 16 years after an investigation into a group of fraudsters who set up an online "criminal forum" which traded unlawfully obtained credit card details and tools to commit computer offences.
Another was Operation Dynamaphone, which resulted in £5.5m worth of harm saved. Three men were jailed for 13 years for their part in a concerted attack on the UK and international banking system. They are believed to be the first prosecutions in the UK involving such detailed evidence of an organised internet phishing operation.

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