17 February 2012

Cyber ​​Security is like chess

KPN's announcement that a server containing personal data of customers and businesses is hacked is just one example of the continuous threat from cyberspace. Over the past year, there are several examples to show where the security of prominent business and government was broken, where there is often data was stolen.
  • The boundaries of the corporate network fade, for example by the use of multiple devices (PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones) are not all by the company itself are provided and managed (Research IDC and BT Benelux: 'mobility biggest concern for Dutch CIOs' ) - but still connected to the corporate network via the cellular or Wi-Fi network.
  • The movement toward cloud-based services. Not only is 'the cloud' in principle accessible anywhere, introducing cloud-based solutions, often centralizing data result.
  • IT departments have no time, budget or manpower to protect all systems. Often also lacks awareness of the risks and thus support at board level.
  • Data, including e-mail is often not encrypted. 
  • It contains all the software code errors, and this will never change. 
You can compare it to chess, it is important to think ahead and to each time the opponent makes a move, to block it. This can be done with so-called 'ethical hackers', who think and act as hackers, and also make use of the latest resources available to hackers. However, they do not go beyond reporting the problems they discover - and so strive to be one step ahead of cyber crime. But even a master chess player loses the occasional party.
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