09 February 2012

UK Government Response to the Intelligence and Security Committee’s Annual Report 2010–2011


d. the Committee is disappointed that government departments and agencies
do not view investment in Information  assurance as important, and that this
has led to GChQ having to subsidise CesG by several million pounds per year.
We are concerned that there appears to have been little progress in achieving a
resolution since last year. the deputy national security adviser must prioritise the
development of an effective funding model, which should be implemented within the
next six months.
The Government welcomes the Committee’s recognition of the importance of Information
Assurance (IA) across government. IA is fully represented in the work of the Cabinet
Office, which co-ordinates work on cyber security. The Government supports fully the
Committee’s recommendation and the Deputy National Security Adviser will continue to
work with the Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) to develop a suitable
funding model that will ensure the long-term sustainability of their IA work.

e. We are concerned about GCHQ’s inability to retain a suitable cadre of
internet specialists to respond to the threat. We therefore urge GCHQ to investigate
what might be done within existing pay constraints to improve the situation. We
also recommend that the Cabinet Office – as lead department for cyber security –
considers whether a system of bonuses for specialist skills, such as exists in the
united states, should be introduced.
The Government shares the Committee’s concerns regarding maintaining a highly skilled
cadre of internet security specialists and is taking a number of proactive steps to address
the issue.
Policies for the recruitment and retention of specialist staff are the responsibility of
individual departments; however, under the National Cyber Security Programme the
Government will support individual departments and agencies in developing cyber
security training and skills programmes for their staff.


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