22 February 2012

Satellite phone encryption cracked by German researchers

German researchers Benedikt Driessen and Ralf Hund of Ruhr University in the paper titled Don't Trust Satellite Phones claim they have found weaknesses in two commonly-used satellite encryption protocols that could render them vulnerable to eavesdropping in real time. They also describe how they reverse engineered the GMR-1 and GMR-2 encryption algorithms or stream ciphers used to secure voice traffic on a range of commercial satellite networks.

The pair attacked different digital signal processor (DSP) firmware updates for two handsets, Thuraya’s GMR-1-based SO-2510, and Inmarsat’s GMR-2 IsatPhonePro, extracting the encryption keys used to secure communications in half an hour using a $2,000 setup.
This theoretical attack is mainly for commercial users who don’t employ extra security and ETSI, the standards body that looks after GMR-1 and 2.

Read the research paper's abstract from here: 

Solutions : www.xcyss.in

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