09 February 2012

Terrorism acts vs cyber threats, new offense scenarios

By Pierluigi Paganini 9a824a3f55b26adad5431f6715dbec2e

We are at an historical turning point today in U.S., and the situation is similar all over the world, threat of terrorist acts have been surpassed by cyber threats, this is the opinion of FBI Director Robert Mueller. Cyber crime, cyber-espionage, massive attacks, hacktivism, usage of cyber weapons against critical infrastructure are all phenomena that are increasing in frequency and able to induce more terrible damages of a pure act of terrorism. Consider also that cyber crime are difficult to identify and can be perpetrated for a long time with in silent mode with terrifying consequence.
MCAfeeeCyberSituation 258x300 Terrorism acts vs cyber threats, new offense scenarios
Russia and China are the nations responsible for the major number of attacks moved to steal foreign intellectual property, trade secrets and national security information, that is the new frontier of espionage. From cyber security perspective we observed  an exponential grow of the threats, consider that every day more than 60,000 new malware are identified and with the same trend of growth we recorded continuous attacks of hacking groups to the main structures of a nation like the U.S.

During the last couple of years we had a long list of cyber attacks really striking like the data breach of RSA and Symantec companies, don’t forget also the operations made by the Anonymous groups like the intrusion and the data breach in the systems of cyber-security firm HB Gary with more af 50,000 emails were exposed.
Regarding the cyber security there is an open debate on global scale, cyber threats have no countries, have no names, are an invisible enemy that could be dammed only with cooperation and awareness of entire populations.

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