21 May 2012

1 800 attacks a minute, says Kaspersky

Users browsing the Internet face an average of 108 035 cyber-attacks per hour – or 1 800 a minute. In total, cybercriminals used 4,073-million domains to launch web attacks in 2011.

These statistics were generated using Kaspersky Lab’s KSN cloud threat monitoring system based on last year’s results.

The Internet is the main entry point for malware on any computer. And increasingly it is entertainment sites, rather than “adult” resources, which carry the greatest risks of potential infection..............

Cybercriminals actively use different kinds of legitimate sites to distribute their ‘creations’. To do this they set up pages on social networks to lure their victims, distribute spam in personal messages and actively comment on popular videos and similar postings, including links to malware in their messages.............

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