25 May 2012

New bot targeting Windows, Mac OS

Security experts at Kaspersky Lab noted that the first quarter of 2012 started with a bang after a quiet 2011, because botmasters failed to come up with anything new last year. But in the first three months of 2012, the experts noticed cybercriminals using a ‘fileless' bot to build a zombie-net; and rising targeted attacks against Mac Operating System.............
The criminals were targeting organisations that used both Windows and Mac platforms. These criminals use two Trojans — one for Mac and the other for Windows — to gain access to confidential records.
They were found loading the appropriate malware (based on the platform on which the targeted machine was in use at that time) and these Trojans were found getting commands from a single control centre.
Criminals were found using a loophole that worked in both Windows and Mac OS X environments to make the initial intrusion into the system..............

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