30 May 2012

2012 Threat Predictions: A Report by McAfee Labs

In the past few months we have witnessed enormous changes in cyber threats like mobile related threats, hacktivism, client-side exploitation, social-media exploitation, and targeted attacks.

As per 2012 Threat Predictions report by McAfee Labs,  more changes are expected in coming year in even the most established threat vectors as follow:
  • Industrial threats will mature and segment
  • Embedded hardware attacks will widen and deepen
  • Hacktivism and Anonymous will reboot and evolve
  • Virtual currency systems will experience broader and more frequent attacks
  • This will be the “Year for (not “of”) Cyberwar”
  • DNSSEC will drive new network threat vectors
  • Traditional spam will go “legit,” while spearphishing will evolve into the targeted messaging attack
  • Mobile botnets and rootkits will mature and converge
  • Rogue certificates and rogue certificate authorities will undermine users’ confidence
  • Advances in operating systems and security will drive next-generation botnets and rootkits

This report has also mentioned that "It’s time for extensive Penetration Testing and Emergency Response Planning that includes cyber components and networking with law enforcement at all levels."

2012 Threat Predictions report by McAfee Labs can be downloaded from here: http://www.mcafee.com/us/resources/reports/rp-threat-predictions-2012.pdf?eid=NAMWPGSCSC011

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