18 May 2012

Cybercrime will cost Scottish businesses £31 billion this year

THIS YEAR the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (Oscia) projected that cybercrime alone will cost Scottish businesses and consumers well in excess of £31 billion. In an attempt to address cybercrime and to safeguard economic well-being across the country, the first e-crime Scotland Summit will be held next week on Tuesday.
As larger businesses find the finances to increasingly step up their game to identify and respond to the threat of cyber crime, small to medium sized enterprises are at risk of falling behind, which in turn puts them and their customers at greater exposure to e-crime. Many of these businesses may be put off by the cost, time, and specialist expertise needed to ensure good IT and network security. But the reality is, as next week’s event will show, there are easy steps to protect against e-crime.........

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