15 May 2012

DarkMarket - cyberthieves, cybercops and you

The internet has become a way of life for many of us – we talk online, bank online, buy online, but do we know about the dark side?

And there is one – hackers, crackers, rippers, men with strange nicknames and virtually their own language skimming pin numbers off credit cards, organising cyber attacks via enslaved BotNet computers … we’re at war and we don’t even know it.

This is the story of the rise and fall of DarkMarket, a website devoted to furthering cybercrime. Its forums put buyers and sellers of stolen financial details on the same page, its administrators ran an escrow system, making sure that players could do deals without being ripped off...............

Who are they, these super-smart criminals with names like Matrix001, RedBrigade, Script, Boa, JiLsi, Iceman, Master Splyntr, Cha0, Lord Cyric and others?

They live in the virtual world of the internet – the valley of lies – hiding behind their security systems and avatars.  The vast majority are men. Often they are dysfunctional teenagers. They hail from Germany, the Ukraine, Turkey, UK, US, France … they are almost impossible to trace.

DarkMarket, which was closed down in 2008 when the law enforcement agencies got too close, was primarily a carders site – all the illegal means of milking credit cards, but Glenny also touches on cyber industrial espionage and cyber warfare, the scams and spams. It is fascinating and required reading in our highly competitive, fast-paced, digital and globalised world.

And cybercrime is still out there, constantly morphing to meet new challenges and usually at least one step ahead of law enforcement. Today the proliferation of mobi and apps offers fresh opportunities.............

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