25 November 2011

96pc of cyber attacks on Irish firms come from organised criminals

Irish businesses are battling a rising epidemic of cyber attacks, Irish online security body IRISSCERT has revealed, with the majority of attacks coming from organised criminals.

Of those 441 security incidents, 92pc or 408 incidents related to Irish websites being hacked by criminals to host phishing sites to target unsuspecting users in other countries.

The overall majority of issues, 96pc, reported to IRISSCERT were suspected of being sponsored by organised crime gangs with the primary motivation being financial with the aim to defraud people of their money.

There were three major issues which targeted three specific and separate Irish organisations for which IRISSCERT co-ordinated the response and alerted the potential victims so they could protect their systems.

The organisation saw an increase in Denial of Service attacks in 2011 but overall they accounted only for 1.5pc of all issues reported to IRISSCERT.

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