30 November 2011

Man probed for spying on wife

A millionaire Pretoria businessman is at the centre of a criminal investigation over the alleged illegal interception of his estranged wife's private e-mails, SMSes and BlackBerry messages, or BBMs
The hacking was first suspected when Dr Graham Hefer filed divorce proceedings against his wife Denise. According to the report, court documents in that case seemed to show that Hefer had access to more than 50 BBMs, a dozen SMSes and at least five e-mails between Denise and others this year. Hefer (48) is accused of installing spyware software on 49-year-old Denise's BlackBerry, says the report which notes this is said to have allowed real-time monitoring of her communication and her whereabouts, and for eavesdropping on her private conversations. These included discussions with her lawyer.

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