29 November 2011

Abusive internet post leaves B.C. teen 'disgusted'

A B.C. teenager says she can't get the owners of a U.S. website to take down allegedly libellous and hurtful comments someone has posted about her.

Jordin Steele, 19, of Kamloops, says that although her reputation is at stake, she’s been told there's not much she can do to force the California-based website to comply.

The website openly solicits readers to "submit dirt" about other people.

Steele said she felt sick to her stomach when she saw the nasty comments someone posted about her online.

"I was appalled and disgusted by all the stuff that was written on there," she said, after being notified of the posting by a friend.

Someone had taken pictures of Steele and her boyfriend from her Facebook page and made up a story implying that she was grossly promiscuous and he was possibly a pedophile.

Steele said she emailed the website last week and asked to have the comments removed, but the post was still there Monday.

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