29 November 2011

HSE investigating possible cyber-bullying

FISHERS -Hamilton Southeastern school district officials are taking action on a new report of cyber-bullying.

In 24 hours, a string of caustic, malicious messages and tweets embroiled the students at Hamilton Southeastern High School. The origin of the corrosive language was an anonymous account on Twitter called "The Royal Rag," that caught the attention of police via a new tip line.

The Royal Rag is a swipe at HSE, whose school nickname is the Royals. If the author's intentions were to start an all-out cyber war, he or she succeeded, with responses from others.

Within hours of The Royal Rag starting, two other accounts sprang up and before long, the war of words was in full bloom. The language in many of the tweets was too graphic for television, but it is important to point out that none of them threatened violence. But they crossed the line from simple teasing to downright hate.

It put the school in a position of attempting to regulate students' behavior outside of the classroom.

The anonymous Twitter accounts were taken down quickly, making it almost impossible for police and the school to find the person or persons responsible.

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