15 November 2011

Italian Cybercrime Police Shut Down Five File-Sharing Sites

The Italian police division tasked with handling cybercrime cases has announced it has shut down several file-sharing websites. The sites, which were connected by ownership, offered links to torrents and files hosted on cyberlocker services and indexed more than 31,000 illicit items including movies, music, TV show, games and software.

A 49-year-old man, known online under the pseudonym “Tex Willer”, was allegedly the operator of the series of sites including ItalianShare, MusicShare, FilmShare and ItalianSexy. All were hosted in Las Vegas and are currently down.
Together they reportedly had in excess of 136,000 subscribers and carried 31,600 links to movies, music, TV shows, software, games and pornography indexed on BitTorrent, cyberlockers and eDonkey networks.

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