04 November 2011

Incident Response: 5 Critical Skills

Upasana Gupta, Contributing Editor

Gavin Reid, leader of the Computer Security Incident Response Team at Cisco Systems, heads a team of 60 professionals that routinely battle to minimize damage caused by internal and external threats. He is accustomed to his phone ringing at odd hours with someone saying, "We have a problem. We think we may have systems that have been compromised. What should we do?"
For Reid, incident response is all about hiring the right people with the right skills. "The majority of my team is made up of broad IT background," he says. "I look for people that can understand priority and sensitivity of responding to events in a large-scale environment and know what are the risks and tradeoffs in handling an event."
Cisco's experience isn't unique. Consider some of the recent incidents we all have witnessed:
  • RSA's SecurID breach;
  • Loss of personally identifiable information at Sony;
  • Alleged trading fraud at Switzerland-based UBS;
  • Frequent attacks by hacktivist groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec.
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5 Critical Skills

  • Collaboration.......
  • Database Analysis.......
  • Digital Forensics.......
  • Malware Analysis.......
  • User Behavior.......

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