15 November 2011

In UK Stalking may become criminal offence

Lynne Featherstone, minister for equalities, unveiled a review of the law that may lead to specific new crimes of “stalking” and “cyber-stalking”.
The Home Office said that police can tackle stalking through anti-harassment laws but they are sometimes unaware that these powers exist.
One in five women and one in ten men suffer from the obsessive attention of a stalker at some point in their life, according to new statistics.
She promised that the Government would give more help to victims of stalking, following a three-month consultation on the issue.
“It is quite clear that they are being let down but it this government’s ambition is nothing less than ending violence against women and girls,” she said.
The review comes amid new evidence that victims of harassment have little confidence that their stalkers will be brought to justice.

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