15 November 2011

A great big cyber tax on business

When business faces a great big new tax or an impending economic meltdown, boards and CEOs fire up lobby groups and scramble for advice to ensure their survival. Why isn't that happening with the ever-growing threat of cybercrime?
Is the risk too abstract? Have we cried wolf too long? Are Australian business managers simply ignorant and behind the pace? All three?
"Our citizens are becoming increasingly desensitised," said David Sykes, head of government relations for security vendor McAfee Australia, at the third annual eCrime Symposium in Canberra this week.
"I think it is absolutely essential for governments, for businesses, for the individual, to have the proper controls in place to prevent, or to harden the environment against, the cyber attack...  That message hasn't, I think, permeated — certainly in business — to the extent and level it needs to."

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