06 December 2011

Cyber bullying out of control

Websites set up to terrorise teenagers are going unchecked and unregulated in the Bay.

The Facebook pages - sporting names such as Tauranga Goss, Otumoetai Dirtay Confessions, and Tauranga Dirt - are anonymous sites where local teens post hateful messages about classmates without being identified.

Although secondary schools are soon out for the holidays, the teen networking sites on the web mean there may be no reprieve for bullied teens during the summer.
IT expert Roland Leemans, managing director of ReserveGroup in Tauranga, said Facebook needed to be more responsible with the management of its pages.

Schools could do little to monitor students using the pages if they did it from home. Facebook could be contacted to regulate the pages but the social network could be unresponsive. "It's like they don't care," he said.

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