30 December 2011

Phishing E-mail Scam Victimize Customers of Chase and Barclays Bank

Currently, the customers of Chase and Barclays Bank are triggered by scammers with phishing e-mails that are presently circulating in Internet, highlights security experts at security firm, GFI Software.

Clients of Chase Bank, headquartered in Chicago, US are recently receiving authentic looking spoofed e-mails and the login page of the bank seeking confidential information through a well-chalked out phishing scam. Once the confidential credentials are provided by the clients, they are automatically diverted to another webpage that seek to retrieve more sensitive details.

On the contrary, clients of Barclays, headquartered in London, UK are receiving e-mails that are warning them of their accounts being suspended on account of too many incorrect log-in attempts.

A well-crafted attachment along with the e-mail unveils innumerable requests for providing confidential data in the name of reactivating the account. To intensify urgency, the crooks even warn the recipients with a time limit within which they are to respond and provide all valuable information.

Once the required confidential data are provided, the user is automatically redirected to the official website of Barclays to erase away the slightest suspect.

The confidential information thus revealed by the crooks is sufficient for the crooks to take over a bank account and celebrate the money.

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