02 December 2011

GNP staffer blamed for attack on NEC website

The cyber attack that crippled the National Election Commission’s website for about two hours during the Oct. 26 by-elections was found to have been launched by a secretary of Rep. Choi Gu-sik from the governing Grand National Party (GNP).

The National Police Agency’s Cyber Terror Response Center Friday sought an arrest warrant for the secretary, identified as Gong, 27, on suspicions of interfering with the election by crashing the website through a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Three others who helped perpetrate the DDoS also face arrest.
Rep. Choi Gu-sik of GNP

The investigation may cause a huge stir in politics, as it was suspected that the early morning attack was an attempt to prevent young voters — who favor opposition parties and usually vote in the morning before going to work — from checking their polling stations on the website.

Choi was in charge of public relations for the GNP’s election camp at that time.

Gong and the three accomplices are suspected of using 200 zombie computers for the DDoS.

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