06 December 2011

News Hackers Hit UN Website, Leak Obama’s Emails and Personal Phone Number

Hackers from Team Sector 404, who claim to be working with Anonymous, hacked a United Nation website and leaked Obama information.

Hackers, going by the collective name of Team Sector 404, have hacked a Spanish website for the United Nations Refuge Agency (ACNUR). The hackers claim to be working with Anonymous.

Information collected while in the agency’s website included President Barack Obama’s email address, username, password, personal phone number and a login ID.

According to The Hacking News, “[o]ther individuals whose information was leaked are Dirk Wildt from Die Netzmacher and Schaffstein from a non-profit organization called TYPO3. Info of other United Nation members also leaked from database.”

This should attract a healthy dose of attention for Anonymous; assuming, of course, that it is Anonymous and not the government hacking itself to fool us into believing it was Anonymous.

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