13 December 2011

Russian website publishes vote monitor's e-mails

Moscow: A pro-Kremlin Russian website on Friday printed e-mails it said were between independent election monitors Golos and the US government in the latest attack on the group that exposed abuses in the polls.

The report on Life News tabloid website highlighted US funding for Golos after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused the United States of provoking election protest.

"Before it was just talk that the Golos association is sponsored from across the ocean, now we have real proof," the website wrote.

It alleged that the documents proved "financing of activity aimed at discrediting the elections in Russia." Golos responded by saying it had made no secret of its US funding but that it would take legal action if it found that its e-mail had been illegally accessed.
The Golos association's website was targeted in a hacker attack on Sunday with staff unable to access e-mail.
The group created a Map of Violations website reporting thousands of instances of election rigging and coercion of voters.
Melkonyants linked the latest publication to the authorities' previous attacks.

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