30 December 2011

Phishing Scam Targets New Owners of Apple Products

If you own an AppleID account, be sure to look out for a well-crafted phishing scam that's been going over the past week. The email has targeted Apple users, fooling them into give their Apple IDs and billing information.

Internet security firm Intego says the email was sent to many owners of iPhone, iPod and iMac with the "Apple update your Billing Information" in the subject line.

This is how the phishing scam works:

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After the Apple users open the email, they will find a message claiming to have originated from "appleid@id.apple.com.”

The email will tell the users that their current billing records are "out of date," and it will provide a link to the Apple Store, urging the users to click on that link and confirm their billing records. However, if the users click the link, they will be directed to a fake Apple sign-in page. Users who received the email, said the fake sign-in page is nearly identical to the real sign-in page.

Once the users enter their Apple ID and password, they will be reminded to update their billing account information, especially their credit card information.

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