19 December 2011

Lawless Internet is crushing U.S. creators

When a gangster breaks into your home and steals your jewelry, investigators find DNA evidence to pursue the crime. But after a Russian-based website rips off a hit song with the click of a mouse or the touch of a keypad, U.S. law enforcement doesn’t even blink an eye.

Dedicated cyber-criminals exploit America’s greatest asset, its creative power, without recourse.

The result: Jobs, small businesses and U.S. exports are forced to walk the plank and drown in a sea of cyber-lawlessness. That’s why Congress needs to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act: to give true meaning and value to our intellectual property rights. The systemic proliferation of online copyright infringement deserves a proportional response from government that is both technically feasible and within reason.

Without the tools to enforce property rights in the physical world, the free market fails to operate effectively.

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