29 December 2011

Facebook status can open door to crime

More than 800 million people are active Facebook users, according to the social media website, and when one user makes a status public, every user can see it.

Around the holiday season when more Facebook users are going on vacation, posting statuses to the public about leaving town can invite crime into their homes.

“If you give somebody the keys to your house, you better make sure they’re responsible to take care of your house,” said Evansville Police Department Detective Kurt Pritchett, who works with cyber crimes. “If you give everybody your information, you’re giving all of them the opportunity to come into your house.”

A 2011 survey of 50 convicted burglars in the United Kingdom, conducted by the Survey Shop, reported that 78 percent of the burglars believed social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Four Square are useful tools for targeting properties.

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